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Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine 1A and 1B

(High school students only)

(UC/CSU a-g approved for students taking 2 semesters; Biological Science graduation credit for CUSD students)  

Students will be introduced to the care, prevention and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. Also included in the course will be CPR certification, strength and conditioning principles relative to fitness clubs, athletic training rooms, physical therapy clinics, YMCAs, and chiropractic offices. Please see IMPORTANT NOTICE regarding this course.Students must receive a Certificate of Completion to meet the prerequisite requirement for Sports Medicine II: Internship.

Sports Medicine: Internship

 (High school students only)

(Biological Science graduation credit for CUSD students)  

Prerequisite: Certificate of Completion from Sports Medicine I.  

This course is designed to provide the student with practical experience and advanced instruction in the care, prevention and rehabilitation of athletic injuries through hands-on training.  Also included in the instruction will be techniques to maximize athletic performance.


College and Career Advantage does not require fees for high school students to participate in classes. Outside agencies that serve as internship sites may require students to meet certain requirements before starting an internship. Student expenses to fulfill the internship requirements of outside agencies may include: TB test, flu vaccinations, and appropriate shoes.


Health Science classes may require practicing procedures on other students and/or patients, both male and female, of differing ages and may include the study of reproductive and other systems. Additionally, these classes may require heavy lifting and bending. Participation in these activities is required for a Certificate of Completion and continuation in the Health Sciences Career Pathway.