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Emergency Medical Technician

Emergency Medical Technician I

Prerequisite:  Prerequisite: Certificate of Completion of Emergency Medical Responder or instructor approval.  Must be 18 years old within 6 months of course completion.  (Biological Science credit for CUSD high school students.) 

Students will develop skills in pre-hospital emergency care of the sick and injured.  This course is designed for students seeking careers as an ambulance attendance or drive, fire service, lifeguard, and ski patrol.  In addition to classroom instruction, students will complete their CPR certification and clinical internship.  Students who receive a Certificate of Completion in the EMT course and are 18 years of age or older will qualify for the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians certification exam.  Specific observation site attire will be required for the ride along and observations.



College and Career Advantage does not require fees for high school students to participate in classes. Outside agencies that serve as internship sites may require students to meet certain requirements before starting an internship. Student expenses to fulfill the internship requirements of outside agencies may include: TB test, flu vaccinations, and appropriate shoes.


Health Science classes may require practicing procedures on other students and/or patients, both male and female, of differing ages and may include the study of reproductive and other systems. Additionally, these classes may require heavy lifting and bending. Participation in these activities is required for a Certificate of Completion and continuation in the Health Sciences Career Pathway.