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Rocco DiFrancesco, Fire Captain/Paramedic (ret.) Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) with 31 years of fire service experience. Charter member of CA Task-Force 5 & Honor Guard. SDSU graduate with a BA in Public Administration. Students are encouraged to email with any questions at:


Fire Science

Message to Students

Please read the "Course Outline & Description" as well as the Syllabus under Student Resources tab to understand the learning objectives, manipulative activities, grading system, and student responsibilities. Also, students are encouraged to view the links on "confidence" and "teamwork" under the Firefighting Info tab as they contain motivational missions essential to being a firefighter.

Course Description


This course will provide students a comprehensive overview of the fire service as an occupational pathway within the public services industry sector including the diverse roles, duties, and skills required in “all-risk” modern day firefighting. Students will learn structural & wildland fire behavior, strategy & tactics, occupational safety, types of apparatus, tools & equipment, and situational awareness. Students will also participate in basic manipulative skills including donning PPE, SCBA, handling charged hoselines, ladder evolutions, ropes & knots, and tying off equipment. The entry-level hiring process, tests, interviews, backgrounds, and basic fire academy will be examined. Students will be required to write effective resumes and practice public speaking skills. Character traits, core values, physical & mental fitness, critical thinking, and teamwork will be emphasized as basic requirements of firefighters. This competency-based course utilizes IFSTA Essentials of Firefighting and is articulated with Santa Ana College for dual-credit with a grade of B or higher.