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Executive Director Message

Career Technical Education is at the forefront of the education reform movement in California due to the work-based learning approach in every course, the highly technical skills that students acquire, and the ability to earn college and high school honors credit in many CTE courses.

College and Career Advantage (CCA) provides the students of Capistrano and Laguna Beach Unified School District with these opportunities and more. Internships with local business and industry partners help students learn skills that they can list on their resume and take to the workplace or the college path to greater success. Courses that are taught by credentialed teachers who are industry experts provide students the opportunity to learn career skills from the experts in classrooms and labs that are modeled after the workplace. Business partners who provide advice on curriculum and projects that are taught in class helps to ensure that students receive the latest and greatest training in current trends and developing fields.

CCA offers many opportunities for students to earn college credit and the honors weighted grade point average (GPA) bump. This way, students who are currently taking AP courses are able to take CTE courses as well, increasing their ability to be prepared for both college and career. 

In addition, many courses are articulated with community colleges and/or meet the requirement for UC a-g admission. 

Recently, the State Board of Education has approved the College and Career Indicators that measure college and career preparedness. 

Students that complete CTE courses in high school are more likely to graduate high school, more likely to attend college, more likely to graduate from college, and more likely to be hired in the field they’ve chosen. 

At College and Career Advantage, we are proud to provide CTE for all students in 14 of the 15 industry sectors. All CCA courses follow the CTE Model Curriculum Standards developed by the California Department of Education that incorporate the Common Core State Standards.


Pati Romo
Executive Director, CTE 

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